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新闻标题: High-pressure compound could be key to hydrogen-powered vehicles
新闻摘要: A hydrogen-rich compound discovered by Stanford researchers may help overcome one of the biggest hurdles to using hydrogen for fuel -- namely, how do you stuff enough hydrogen into a volume small enough to be practical for powering a car? The newly discov
发布时间: Mon May 11 22:20:22 CST 2009
新闻标题: Less than 1 in 5 heart problems are diagnosed before symptoms appear
新闻摘要: A major US study has shown that doctors are missing golden opportunities to diagnose people with heart disease before symptoms appear. Only 19 percent of the people with heart disease who took part in the 13,877 strong study said their condition was diagn
发布时间: Mon May 11 23:19:18 CST 2009
新闻标题: Study reveals conflict between doctors, midwives over homebirth
新闻摘要: Two Oregon State University researchers have uncovered a pattern of distrust -- and sometimes outright antagonism -- among physicians at hospitals and midwives who are transporting their home-birth clients to the hospital because of complications.
发布时间: Tue May 12 04:19:18 CST 2009
新闻标题: 7-part series focuses on source of and solutions to health care crisis
新闻摘要: With health care reform high on President Obamas agenda, and Congress and the country on the verge of a national debate over how it will take shape, Annals of Family Medicine editor Kurt Stange, M.D., Ph.D., is authoring a seven-part series of commentar
发布时间: Tue May 12 06:19:19 CST 2009
新闻标题: Do electronic health records help or hinder medical education?
新闻摘要: Many countries worldwide are digitizing patients medical records. A debate in this weeks PLoS Medicine examines both the threats and opportunities.
发布时间: Tue May 12 09:19:12 CST 2009
新闻标题: Providing free drug samples to patients risks harm to public health
新闻摘要: The tradition of American physicians handing out free drug samples to their patients "has many serious disadvantages and is as anachronistic as bloodletting and high colonic irrigations," say two academics in an essay in this weeks PLoS Medicine.
发布时间: Tue May 12 09:19:12 CST 2009
新闻标题: Elderly Medicare beneficiaries give their coverage higher ratings than do those with ESI
新闻摘要: Elderly Medicare beneficiaries are more satisfied with their health care, and experience fewer problems accessing and paying for care, than Americans with employer-sponsored insurance, according to a study by Commonwealth Fund researchers published today
发布时间: Tue May 12 13:19:15 CST 2009
新闻标题: Taking folic acid for a year before pregnancy may reduce risk of preterm birth
新闻摘要: New research published in PLoS Medicine found that taking folic acid for a year before pregnancy can substantially reduce the risk of preterm birth. It is already known that folic acid prevents neural tube defects and the bottom line is that this research
发布时间: Tue May 12 23:19:18 CST 2009
新闻标题: Access to care leads Americans priorities in first-ever public study of health value
新闻摘要: When Americans were asked to value the most important of dozens of health products and services as they consider spending their own money, they chose access to care over everything else, a new study revealed.
发布时间: Wed May 13 00:19:14 CST 2009
新闻标题: Web-based, self-help intervention can aid problem drinkers in the privacy of their homes
新闻摘要: Problem drinking in Western societies leads to disease and death, as well as social and economic problems. Few problem drinkers seek treatment help. New findings show that a 24/7 free-access, anonymous, interactive, and Web-based self-help intervention ca
发布时间: Wed May 13 05:19:20 CST 2009