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新闻标题: Even in the Digital Age, building a great gadget doesnt guarantee success
新闻摘要: Publish a book on paper, says a sheepish Beth Collins, and "Im hesitant to read it." But send it through the ether to her feather-light Kindle 2, Amazons whiz-bang electronic reading machine, and shes eager to get lost in its pages_virtual though they may be.
发布时间: Thu Apr 23 23:57:36 CST 2009
新闻标题: 60-second review: Sansa slotRadio
新闻摘要: Product: Sansa slotRadio, by SanDisk
发布时间: Thu Apr 30 00:09:24 CST 2009
新闻标题: Samsung Announces New Mini Notebooks
新闻摘要: Samsung Electronics today announced the N110 and N120 as the newest additions to their mini notebook lineup. The N110 and N120 are both currently available through and online retailers with an MSRP of $469 and $459, respectively.
发布时间: Thu Apr 30 03:33:18 CST 2009
新闻标题: XBox forensics
新闻摘要: A forensics toolkit for the Xbox gaming console is described by US researchers in the latest issue of the International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics. The toolkit could allow law enforcement agencies to scour the inbuilt hard disk of such devices and find illicit hidden materials easily.
发布时间: Thu Apr 30 23:07:07 CST 2009
新闻标题: Robots on a recycling rampage
新闻摘要: ( -- More than 150 robots, in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and capabilities, will battle it out on May 6 and 7 in a contest to see which can collect the most soda cans and simulated bales of trash and return then to a recycling facility -- actually a milk crate in the corner-- all in under a minute. The robots will be competing head-to-head in a series of elimination matches, and the top eight finishers will get trophies or T-shirts.
发布时间: Sat May 02 03:18:25 CST 2009
新闻标题: Nokia E71x with AT&T in stores across the U.S. today
新闻摘要: Nokia announced that the slimmest smartphone on the market (.39 inches thick), the Nokia E71x, will be available in AT&T retail stores and online beginning today. Priced at $99.99, this much-anticipated full QWERTY smartphone arrives at a time when one in two people surveyed say they would prefer to communicate via text message or email over phone calls.
发布时间: Tue May 05 03:30:33 CST 2009
新闻标题: Blackberry Curve tops iPhone in first quarter: NPD
新闻摘要: Research in Motions Blackberry Curve moved past Apples iPhone to become the top-selling smartphone in the United States in the first quarter of the year, research firm NPD Group reported Monday.
发布时间: Tue May 05 06:23:20 CST 2009
新闻标题: Amazon expected to lift wraps on large-screen Kindle
新闻摘要: is widely expected to lift the wraps on a new large-screen Kindle device this week, which could be the first in a line of electronic reading devices geared toward newspapers and textbooks.
发布时间: Tue May 05 07:49:53 CST 2009
新闻标题: Robotic Mouse Makes Maze Debut at UCSD (w/Video)
新闻摘要: ( -- An intrepid group of UC San Diego undergraduate engineers designed and built a robotic mouse from scratch as part of the IEEE MicroMouse competition.
发布时间: Wed May 06 06:02:54 CST 2009
新闻标题: Amazons larger Kindle for textbooks, periodicals
新闻摘要: (AP) -- Inc. will release a larger - and more expensive - version of its Kindle electronic reading device that is geared toward periodicals and textbooks.
发布时间: Thu May 07 00:17:24 CST 2009