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新闻标题: In Memoriam: Astronomer and astrophysicist Jerry Nelson
新闻摘要: SPIE Classics remembers SPIE Fellow Jerry Nelson.
发布时间: Tue Jun 13 19:15:00 CST 2017
新闻标题: Novel semiconductor membrane external-cavity surface-emitting laser
新闻摘要: An optically pumped device features a semiconductor membrane sandwiched between diamond heat spreaders to maximize heat dissipation from the active region.
发布时间: Tue Jun 13 15:00:00 CST 2017
新闻标题: Monitoring short-lived climate pollutants by laser absorption spectroscopy
新闻摘要: Quantum cascade lasers and photoacoustic spectrophones are used to monitor atmospheric levels of methane and black carbon, respectively.
发布时间: Mon Jun 12 15:00:00 CST 2017
新闻标题: Hydrogen production with holes: what we learn from operando studies
新闻摘要: Using x-ray spectroscopy to analyze a photoelectrochemical cell during water oxidation and hydrogen formation sheds light on the physics and chemistry of photoelectrodes.
发布时间: Thu Jun 08 16:00:00 CST 2017
新闻标题: Multi-projection 3D displays using multiplexing techniques in autostereoscopic displays
新闻摘要: Autostereoscopic (glasses-free) displays provide perspectives of images according to the position of the observer.
发布时间: Tue Jun 06 15:00:00 CST 2017
新闻标题: A new signal-amplification mechanism discovered in semiconductors
新闻摘要: A new mechanism for amplification has far greater efficiency than impact ionization and achieves high gain and ultra low noise, likely as a result of Auger excitation and electron-phonon interactions.
发布时间: Mon Jun 05 15:00:00 CST 2017
新闻标题: Third gravitational wave detected
新闻摘要: SPIE Classics offers a look at the timeline of LIGOs historic discoveries of gravitational waves.
发布时间: Fri Jun 02 05:00:00 CST 2017
新闻标题: SPIE supports International Day of Light to promote awareness of life-saving, live-enhancing light
新闻摘要: SPIE Newsroom01 June 2017
发布时间: Fri Jun 02 03:00:00 CST 2017
新闻标题: Microscopic intracellular lasers tag individual cells over several generations
新闻摘要: Fluorescent plastic beads introduced into cells act as microlasers, thus enabling the identification of individual cells, including cancer and brain cells, that can be tracked from one generation to the next.
发布时间: Wed May 31 15:00:00 CST 2017
新闻标题: Computationally inexpensive simulations for nanoimprint lithography
新闻摘要: A new approach enables the fast simulation of chip-scale imprinting, helping to co-optimize layout designs and processing parameters for acceptable yield and throughput in memory manufacturing.
发布时间: Mon May 29 15:00:00 CST 2017